Program Testimonials



“Working with the READ program has enriched my entire life: allowed me to feel that I can make a difference in my community, shown me the joy in reading through a child’s eyes, and given me a renewed pride in my employer through support of READ.  The children are so appreciative of the time I spend.  With just a fraction of my day, I can help a young person discover the wonders of reading.”

Shawn Knapp, Broker Advocate
Stevens Worldwide Van Lines

“I can't think of a better way to invest in the future and our community than by helping children learn to read.  It's easy, fun and fulfilling!  In addition, the READ Association has done all the "homework", doing all the groundwork to set the program up.”
Chris Tiderington, Community Liason
Saginaw Township Community Schools    

“The reason I became involved in the READ program, and the reason I have increased my involvement over the years, is that the program allows you to directly make a positive difference in a child's life.  There is no discussing problems and coming up with possible action plans; you are there from day one actually making a difference for children and for your community.  There is no reward quite like seeing what it means to a child that someone cares enough about them to take the time to be with them on a consistent basis.”
Matt Peterson
Team One Credit Union    

“The READ mentors offer struggling readers at our school the chance to read and discuss books.  This individual attention motivates the student to read more independently.”
Kathy Graham, Reading First Literacy Coach
Saginaw Public Schools    

“I have had the privilege of coordinating volunteer services provided through the READ program for many years now, most especially at Weiss Elementary, and hope to continue to facilitate this valuable form of assistance in the future.  The feedback received from parents, teachers, and students has been overwhelming positive.  I have had students from all three of my elementary buildings attend the evening program, and we have been able to offer an after-school option at Weiss, where several quality volunteers have returned year after year to work with a variety of students.  Students consistently look forward to their time with these volunteers and have developed significant positive relationships.  Their work together has not only assisted with acquiring and reinforcing skills, but has also helped make reading and related activities interesting and fun.” 
Marcia Spelman, School Counselor
Weiss, Westdale, & Arrowwood Schools    

“It has been my pleasure to be a volunteer for the READ Program over the last four years.  It is amazing how at the beginning of each school year, especially with the younger children, that many of them are very shy and somewhat reserved, but by the end of the program we have formed lasting friendships/relationships.   Having the opportunity through the Read program to be able to watch the progression of the students’ confidence levels from the beginning to the end of the program is rewarding.”
Alexis Thomas, Repurchase Coordinator
Morley Companies    

“I have been a board member, board chairman, fund raiser, and a volunteer reading mentor for many years. While I have enjoyed all of these activities I have gotten the most satisfaction of being a reading mentor.  My father and I alternate weeks with three kids so we have the flexibility to switch weeks.   We try to have things to read that fit their personalities and their interests with the goal to lay the foundation for a passion for reading.  These kids can go anywhere, do anything and be anything if they are good readers.  My goal each year is to try to make a little difference in these kids’ lives and the READ program allows me to do this.”
Jon Gardey, CFP,CFA
Gardey Financial Advisors LLC    

I like READing because. . .

I like to read because it is fun and I like to read a book. I like the treats they have.
Jacob, 3rd grade, SS Peter & Paul School    

It is fun and helps me learn big words like “lightning”
Dakota, 2nd grade, Stone School    

We can learn.  Because we have fun books and there are pretty pretty colors.
Marissa, 2nd grade, Weiss School    

I can learn new words.  I can learn about animals.
Joyce, 1st grade, Peace Lutheran School


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