READ Book Giveaway



READ Book Giveaway Paperback BooksREAD is  pleased to continue offering a free book giveaway three times per year for all students in the READ program. The importance of offering students the opportunity to choose and own books they want to read helps build literacy success.  Easy access to quality books is a major motivator for children voluntarily spending time reading on their own, and increases family reading time.  Families who live at or below poverty level cannot afford to buy books and seldom have books in their home.

The READ Association will provide books for each READ Center and volunteers to conduct three Book Giveaways during the during the school year. Please contact your READ Center Coordinator for specifics on your book giveaway distributions.

   Key elements of Book Giveaways:

  • Student chooses a book three times during the year

  • Add a bookmark to the book the student selects so parents/guardians know the child may keep the book

  • Recommended Book Giveaways should occur in the fall, winter and spring

  • Be sure children who are absent are able to select a book the next time you meet.

  • Report distributions to your Center Coordinator (or the READ Office if applicable).


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